©1588   Made in Elizabethan England

de Mowbray’s  Musicke de Mowbray lion
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Find us at stately homes, castles, banquets and special events

Tudor Dance and Event Music

We play a variety of reproduction historical  instruments to create the sound and atmosphere of England as it was in the late 16th century. Many of the instruments from that period have a magnificent and very evocative sound, a sound we aim to revive. So, our instruments range from quiet renaissance recorders, through the curiously curved crumhorn to loud shawms and English bagpipes, with the odd plucked-string instrument thrown in.

de Mowbray’s Musicke also run period dances. You will choose a "Most Important Person" for the evening who will lead some of the dances, with our help. We will teach everyone dances, from stately pavans and lively branles to Tudor country dances. Why not book us for your special event?

Rural Court Musicians

We work in the household of the de Mowbray’s as the resident musicians. So, we call ourselves de Mowbray’s Musicke. This is a rather grand title, but we delight in playing music for all occasions. Most of these are for our Lord and His Lady and their court, but we can sometimes also be found playing for the country folk when our Lord and His Lady are away on their own progresses.

Queen Mary's Chamber

Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

Medieval Events and Banquets

We also have an extensive repertoire of medieval music and dances that we will happily demonstrate for you and teach you. All performed with costume and instruments suitable for this earlier period. Go on. Release your inner Friar Tuck!

I just wanted to email and say how good I thought your performances were at Framlingham on the weekend! I think it is really great for music of this period to be promoted with such verve and vigour, particularly on such a hot day with reeded instruments. Well done and good effort!



Soprano, alto and tenor shawms

The sweating sickness

Owing to the current pestilence, all our engagements have been cancelled for the time being. We hope to see you all when England is merry again.

Best wishes to you all.