Specialists in historical dance and event music

We are a costumed band, playing music from the Tudor and medieval periods on historically authentic, reproduction instruments. We play at special events, like banquets,fairs, anniversaries and open days at historic properties.

"Loved it!  Loved the history too!”

"A fantastic dancing session.  Thanks:)"

"Really enjoyed the session”. 

"Great afternoon.  Wonderful musicians."


Our speciality is to run dances.  You will choose a "Most Important Person" for the evening who will lead some of the dances, with our help. We will teach everyone the steps, from stately pavans through lively branles to Tudor country dances. If you have enjoyed folk dance evenings with a caller and band, then why not try the Tudor equivalent? You can even dress up if you like!

 ©1588   Made in Elizabethan England

de Mowbray’s Musicke
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