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de Mowbray’s Musicke and its sister bands - Norman Invasion and The Lys St Georges Dance Ban- are involved in a growing number of events each year, some of which are open to the public, and are listed below. We also have bookings for private events. We also teach music at workshops and in lessons, as well as giving talks.

We've previously performed at English Heritage venues and other historic sites, as well as for town events, festivals, town revels, parties, concerts, and banquets.

Contact us to arrange your own public or private event, be it a concert, workshop, banquet, dance or party. We're happy to consider any chance to play!


de Mowbray's Musicke

23/24 April - Glastonbury Abbey, Medieval Fayre

22/22 May - Monk Bretton Priory, Medieval May-Hem

13 December - North Kelsey - Life as a Medieval Musician - Talk


Norman Invasion

1 April - Epworth, party

16 April - Thirsk, afternoon concert

1 July - Long Marston, York - party

The Lys St Georges Dance Band

2 February - Westwoodside - afternoon dance

9 February - Westwoodside - afternoon dance

16 February - Westwoodside - afternoon dance

23 February - Westwoodside - afternoon dance

2 March - Westwoodside - afternoon dance

9 March - Westwoodside - afternoon dance

16 March - Westwoodside - afternoon dance

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